Camp Preparation

Camp Details + Set Up | Let's Go!

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for joining us for our 10th season of Media Now Online.

To make sure you are prepared and ready to go for our online camp, we’ve put together quick notes inside your course that will help you join your Discord group chat for your class. For those of you who are joining us after June 25, contact your individual instructors for new video chat times or feedback schedules.

Login to Your Course Now

To get started, choose the online course you’d like to join us for this summer. Head to your selected course page by logging in here ( and check out the first step of your course. There, you’ll find a “Getting Started” directions specifically made for your class.

General How-Tos + Camp Help

If you need some general "how-tos" on using Discord or logging into your account, see our directions here › 

These links will guide you and show you how to access all the materials and accounts you'll need for the full camp experience.

Accessing General Sessions + Keynotes

Large group sessions are in the "General Session" course. Start there! Introductions, keynotes and giveaway opportunities can all be found there. Then, head to your course materials. By June 25, all course content will be released and live for you to complete at your own pace.

You are encouraged to take advantage of all of the opportunities to connect with fellow campers and instructors via Discord, but your level of involvement is up to you. You will have access to your course materials and playback through Sept. 1. 

Questions? We're here.

As always, let our team know if you have any questions by contacting us at [email protected] or by texting 314-252-8816 and we can help you through the process.

See you online!

-Media Now Team